Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Rules

Use of the Woods

Public use of Stinchfield Woods is encouraged. Rules for public access include:
  • No parking in front of the access gate.
  • Public use hours are from dawn to dusk only.
  • No vehicles or bicycles are permitted on the site except those for approved research and teaching use.
  • Dogs with owners are welcome to visit, but they must be on a leash (the dog, not necessarily the owner).
  • No cutting or collecting of plant material; no hunting or harming vertebrates.
Class use by permission of the caretaker.


  1. Some of the very people that are doing trail maint are from the Fat Tire Mountain Bike Club, of whom are illegally (and annoyingly) riding and degrading the trails at Stinchfield. It's a shame, as they have a multitude of trails that are designated biking trails. Not only do they erode the Stinchfield trails by riding when the ground is too soft, but they are rude to hikers as well.

  2. If you could provide me with contact information for the Fat Tire Mountain Bike Club I will call them. I understand your concern and will do my best to address it.

    1. I wish I did, but they're the ones that cut stumps and leave the black metal skull and crossbones tags nailed to the stumps. MMBA will most likely know of these people - I've run into their ex president riding there often. Might want to talk to Two Wheel Tango as well, some of their members have ridden there. Just 2 weeks ago there was a group of 6 people riding up the main drive - clueless as to the rules (or just ignorant)

      Been hiking here for 16 years. I truly do appreciate the University's generosity in allowing people to enjoy this area.