Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Passing the torch to new caretakers

After two great years at Stinchfield, we (Zane and Amanda) graduated and therefore must pass the torch to new caretakers. We have really enjoyed the peace and beauty of Peach Mountain and getting to know all the people who love Stinchfield Woods. Our two years were spent doing regular maintenance (removing downed trees from trails, cleaning out the classroom, cutting the grass, keeping up the house) and making long-term contributions such as invasive species removal, public outreach (the blog and Facebook), and the new map. It seems that every caretaker makes their mark on Stinchfield in their own way and we hope that we created a greater sense of community. Thanks!!


  1. It was good knowing that there was a solid team working out there. Good luck in your following endeavors!

  2. Can someone email me — Kevin Brown of The University Record at kevinbr@umich.edu — and tell let us know who the current caretaker is?