Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visual Aid

I created an image of the trail map where I compartmentalized the trails into numbered sections. I thought this might aid visitors in submitting suggestions to the caretaker about where trail work is needed or help in identifying the general location of areas of concern (for example, "there is a tree down on the westernmost trail in section 5"). Let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks for the map. I've been trying to do some snowboarding in Stinchfield Woods this winter with all this wonderful snow that we have been getting this year. I could make some recommendations for clearing a few trees to make some snowboard runs. I've posted a couple videos on youtube titled "Peach Mountain backcountry snowboading".

    1. Great. Feel free to send your recommendations to stinchfieldcaretaker@gmail.com. Snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and hiking is permitted, though it should be understood that these activities are done at your own risk since the property is not maintained specifically for recreational purposes. That said, the School of Natural Resources and Environment is happy to have the opportunity to provide a natural space for the safe and communal enjoyment of the public.