Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New map of Stinchfield!!

Finally, an updated map of Stinchfield! We used the iPhone app Map My Hike to re-map all the trails, which were then added to Google Earth. However, the accuracy wasn't perfect so we couldn't just post a digital copy. Instead we made this fun map complete with little cartoons of major landmarks! We hope that this helps you to explore new trails and discover new parts of Stinchfield. We provided a few laminated copies of the map at the gate on Stinchfield Woods Road, but we ask that you return them when you finish your walk. You may print your own map from the blog.


  1. When hiking, I came upon a gentleman who had a topographic/orienteering map of Stinchfield Woods with all the trails marked-even with the new tiny trail designations that are being posted now. It appeared to have been printed from a digital file-he offered to give it to me, but I knew where I was and was heading back to the car, so declined. I now wish I had taken him up on his offer. I'd love to find it available for download.

    1. I don't believe there is a digital copy of the map that has the trails labeled. If you'd like, send an email to stinchfieldcaretaker@gmail.com and I may be able to send you a scanned copy.

  2. To be noted that the SMOC (South Michigan Orienteering Club) has extremely detailed topographic maps of those woods. They organize an orienteering race at least once a year in those woods (north american championship were organized there as well 3-4 years ago). Being a member of this club, I am pretty sure it is possible to get a printed copy of that map for a few bucks (or better, try that race). http://www.michigano.org/

  3. Does the University still have a "Woods Crew"? I worked on such a crew doing thinning operations in Stinchfield Woods back in early 1980's as a graduate student in Forest Biometrics. It's funny that your map shows an "old car". One time when I was logging in the woods, one of the trees I felled made a huge crashing noise at it hit the ground. I walked over to investigate and noticed that the tree had come down on top of an old abandoned car that was covered in brush. I believe I was thinning a Norway Spruce stand. Could that have been the car indicated on the map?